Relocating to Phoenix, Arizona?

If you’re considering relocating to somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, you’re in for a real treat. Christine Cothrun has the tools, experience, and personal insight to make the process as smooth as possible. Christine is not only transactional, but relational, and will do whatever it takes to help you find your home and get settled in. Whether you’re looking for a smaller, quiet town, or somewhere with the busy, bustling life of a big city, you can trust that Christine will point you in the right direction. Many moving parts involved in the relocation process require a great deal of balance and timing. For years, Christine has been helping residential buyers understand and execute the relocation process with ease. She will aid in the technical processes involved, but she also offers experienced advice throughout the transaction.

Christine takes the time to truly get to know her clients to know what they need and provide ease in the process in relocating.  There is nothing Christine won’t do to make your transition comfortable!

“I take the time to work with my client’s and get to know who they are to truly know what they need,” Christine says.  “I am not about the transaction, I am about the relationship.”

If you’re relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, and would like some professional help, call Christine at 602-677-5411 today!