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In this highly competitive seller’s market, buying a home for the right price requires great representation and negotiating skills. For years, Christine Cothrun has worked with the best and brightest minds in real estate, which has given her a knowledgeable perspective on the real estate business. Christine utilizes her extensive background and excellent communication skills to locate, mediate, and lock down the best deals for residential buyers throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. With local expertise and a comfortable grasp on the current buyers market, Christine Cothrun is one of Arizona’s premier realtors.

Your Passionate Specialist

As a 3rd generation Arizonan, Christine possesses a burning passion for the great state of Arizona. With a long history in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, she not only knows the area very well but absolutely loves the many unique cities scattered throughout. Potential buyers continually rely on her personal and professional insight when it comes to specific locations around Arizona. If you share your needs with Christine, she can quickly point you in the right direction and present multiple options that will suit you to perfection. When it comes to real estate around Phoenix, no one quite knows the ropes like Christine Cothrun Realtor.

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Christine Cothrun

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Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell real estate in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. Christine Cothrun keeps up with the latest market data to ensure that her clients get the best value for their transactions. By incorporating detailed preparation, thorough planning, and diligence, Christine excels at finding the fairest deals for everyone who comes her way.

Selling Real Estate Made Easy

Selling your property at the right time is paramount for receiving your hard-earned equity. With Christine Cothrun Realtor, you can trust that she will fight for every penny you deserve. With so many calculations involved in the selling process, it can often be hard to determine the net proceeds. Luckily, Christine has years of experience performing sales and has the process down to a science. If you’re looking to find the best value for your real estate investment, consider giving Christine a call today.

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